1Benefits of Using Lakeside security guards
• Our security guards are mature and reliable • Shows you care about your business and your clients • Shows you care about your employees • Shows you have something valuable and important worth protecting • Indicates good planning and a proactive vs. reactive attitude • Impress your investors, partners, customers, suppliers, and sales prospects • Control and record the flow of visitors, deliveries, contractors, etc. • Save money by quickly detecting or preventing fires, floods, vandalism, accidents, and theft
2Lakehead Security Guards
Our security guards help prevent theft, vandalism, accidents, floods, fire watch, equipment failures, and more. We provide relief for your business-related worries and headaches. Lakeside Protection provides guards for short-term or long-term coverage; indoors or outdoors; any time of day or night; in populated areas or remote locations; for businesses, construction sites, and more. Our security guards are: • Licensed by the Province of Ontario • Trained (40-hour course) • Bonded • Insured • First Aid certified • WHMIS certified • Professionally uniformed • Patrol & Security Guard Service We provide security guards for almost any type of situation. Some of our clients are construction companies that need to prevent costly theft and vandalism. Other clients include manufacturers and industrial sites who need a guard at the front gate or entrance. Some of our clients require a security guard to conduct regular interior and exterior foot patrols of their site, sometimes checking machinery and equipment. And we have clients for whom we oversee contractors, so they don't have to send an employee on a weekend, holiday, or middle of the night. Clients have hired us to provide security guards for strikes, insurance scene protection, shopping malls, alarm & fire system failures, outdoor product displays, crowd control, long weekend crime deterrence, indoor and outdoor events involving alcohol, and more. We supply our guards with any security and communications equipment that may be required for your site, such as flashlights, hard hats, safety vests, radios, and cell phones.
3By-law Enforcement / Parking Control
Many facilities are plagued with parking problems caused by unwanted vehicles and/or vehicles parking inappropriately. No-parking zones and handicapped parking spaces are constantly abused. A parking enforcement program can solve this problem. Our security guards can be registered as municipal bylaw enforcement officers and issue tickets or authorize the towing of vehicles, as best suits your situation.
4Alarm Response
Our Alarm response is provided for clients who wish to have our officers check their property in cases of Fire Alarm activation or Burglary alarm activation. Our Alarm Services are an efficient and effective solution, which mitigate risk. Our service also eliminates the cost associated with false alarm dispatch of the police, which in some cases is up to $500.00 per false alarm. We can guarantee a response time of 30 minutes or less and if necessary, dispatch emergency services to your property.
5Seasoned monitoring, patrolling, response Commercial/Industrial
Lakeside Security Services has seasoned skills in monitoring and patrolling commercial and industrial locations, and we are run on take great pride in our track record for deterring crime. Our officers have the training and confidence to approach people about their reasons for being on your property during non-business hours. Lakeside is also a proven leader in alarm response services, offered at very competitive rates. Adding alarm response to our patrol services helps our field officers deter crime, apprehend suspects and document incidents. • Random and dedicated vehicle patrol • Onsite foot patrol • uniform officers • Alarm response • Daily, weekly or monthly reports • 24-hour standby response service
6Apartment Complexes
In responding to the need for apartment security services, Lakeside has been effective in decreasing criminal elements and their related problems, including car burglaries, auto thefts, vandalism, underage drinking, curfew violations, loud parties and trespassers. Our officers are well-trained and arrive on site with the knowledge and experience they need to deal with the situations that can arise in close living quarters.
7High-visibility protection. High-touch service
Patrol Services To ensure our hallmark excellence in customer service, we give you multifaceted access to our management staff to make sure your every need and concern is handled in a timely manner. We don’t use phone answering services. Everyone on our management team knows how to contact you, and you can reach us anytime, day or night. We don’t subject you to a long phone menu or transfer you to someone who can only pass on information. We guarantee a response from a member of our staff within a reasonable time and at no inconvenience to you. • 24-hour dispatch center handles all calls on security issues • Supervisor on duty 24/7 • Email and fax channels to request attention to special issues regarding client/resident assets Patrol Officers: Uniform Guards • Guard registration/instruction in powers of arrest and weapons of mass destruction • Chemical agent, baton, firearm certifications • Proper use/justification/liability • Verbal judo/communication skills • Report writing skills • Crime-free multi-housing program (provided by police in participating cities)
8Gated Communities
Our outstanding service starts with the best supervision in the industry. We assign your community an experienced Post Commander with expertise in all aspects of onsite services, patrols and is run on hands-on direction. All Lakeside Gate Officers are trained in public relations and the use of our proprietary Gate Access Software. Each is skilled at dealing with situations effectively while representing you professionally.
9Gate Concierge/Manned Gates
Protecting residential sites is one of our is run on many proven strengths. All field staff receive bi-monthly safety training packets updating them on key issues, from contacting the proper authorities to logging critical information for maintenance crews. All of our gate staff are Concierge Officers — licensed Security Officers cross-trained in public relations and customer service. Each is highly skilled at efficiently processing authorized guests and vendors while politely turning away unauthorized or restricted people.
10Residential services
• Gate Concierge Officers (ask about our Gate Access Software) • Armed/unarmed patrol officers/random and dedicated vehicle patrols • On-board computer tracking systems for vehicles • Armed/unarmed onsite security officers • 24-hour on-call and alarm response services • Response to resident nuisance complaints • Parking permits, hang tags and stickers available • Ask about our Management/Board Member
1Residential services
• Gate Concierge Officers (ask about our Gate Access Software) • unarmed uniformed patrol officers/random and dedicated vehicle patrols • On-board computer tracking systems for vehicles • Armed/unarmed onsite security officers • 24-hour on-call and alarm response services • Response to resident nuisance complaints • Parking permits, hang tags and stickers available • Ask about our Management/Board Member
2Random Patrol Service
You can feel secure seeing Lakeside vehicles patrolling your property. Our patrol schedules are customized to your needs, available 24/7/365. Serving as a visual deterrent, our patrol vehicles are clearly marked per State regulations. Each is equipped with an onboard computer, emergency lighting, spotlight and mobile radio. Radios are on a trunked frequency, with several channels of communication relayed via multiple repeaters. • Day Service • Night Service • Seasonal • Yearly • Pool Inspections
3Parking Enforcement
When you contract with us to enforce your property’s parking regulations, you can be sure we’ll do so to the letter. We won’t hesitate to cite or tow an unruly tenant or neighbor prone to threatening others or defying property rules. Our officers will use their onboard computers to check the status of any vehicle on your property for prior citations, current safe lists, and tow listings. We can provide logs of our citations at a moment’s notice. We also offer a parking permit program that handles ordering, issuing and recording of all permits for your community.
4Dedicated Vehicles
Our dedicated patrol vehicles are equipped to your specifications (within the limits of the law) with your property name or company name prominently featured. Dedicated patrol options include: • Onboard video surveillance • Radar enforcement • Permit processing and application issuance • Multiple property patrol services (management companies/contractors) • Parking enforcement detail
5Onsite Security Officer
Unarmed and armed onsite security officers are available 24/7/365. Lakeside will customize and tailor an on-site security regimen to help alleviate any problems challenging your property. Officer duties will include monitoring, observing and reporting activity. Among our vast array of services are patrolling common facilities, parking enforcement, and serving as a highly visual deterrent to minimize the likelihood of crime. Officers will enforce rules and regulations per your guidelines and they are in constant contact with our dispatch center and patrol supervisor via two-way radios. Our officers document their observations on a daily report, accessible to you online upon request.
6Alarm Response
Lakeside Security currently has some thirty alarm response patrol vehicles. Each is assigned to a district and responds to any alarm activated within its boundaries. Our alarm response times can be significantly faster than those of most local police agencies. We provide this service at very reasonable rates.
We leave nothing to chance when citing and towing vehicles on your property. Each citation or tow, made in accordance with your rules and regulations, is submitted to our shift sergeants for approval. Before our patrol officers begin a shift, all citations from the prior shift are downloaded to their onboard computer systems. When we tow, our officers photograph the vehicle in the violation position. If the owner chooses to dispute the citation or tow and demand reimbursement, we’ll have the documentation you need to deny or accept the claim.
8Video Surveillance
After dark, criminals work hard at finding ways to defeat the security elements you’ve put in place. That’s where the watchful, truthful eye of our video cameras comes in. Lakeside cameras have consistently been effective in documenting acts in progress, from criminals crashing security gates in the middle of the night to tenants throwing furniture into the pool. If legal action is taken, we prepare all pertinent video for your legal teams.
9Fire Watch
When a building needs to be fumigated, painted, cleaned, or have windows replaced, we can help prevent vandals, teens or onlookers from hampering workers or creating liability situations. Lakeside will station an officer on your property at an hourly rate. Call for a free quote and let us be your eyes and ears.
10Special Events/Crowd Control
When you plan a large event, Lakeside can assign special officers to control the access and exit points. We can also provide location and parking security and crowd roving by the best uniformed officers in the industry. (For social occasions that require a low-profile presence, polo attire can be requested.) Uniformed or not, our officers are trained, well-groomed and highly professional, enhancing your guests’ enjoyment of the event by ensuring its safety.
11Concierge Guards
concierge and seasonal staffing programs are available to help reduce issues associated with common area facilities. Over the years of experience, Lakeside has developed patrol and on-site security protocols that can professionally eliminate issues and challenges associated with high-volume access to pool and clubhouse amenities.


Our proudest accomplishment is the large number of long term clients who year after year put their trust in us.